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AI Today Podcast #73: Tackling Transparent & Responsible AI – Interview with Steve Eglash, Director of Strategic Research Initiatives, Stanford University, (January 23, 2019; Palo Alto, CA).
Listen to AI Today Podcast.

Speaker at AI & Big Data Expo, North America, (November 28, 2018; Santa Clara, CA).
Watch video for Opening Presentation: Reliable and Impactful AI for the Enterprise.

Keynote Address: “Advanced Analytics and AI—Creating Competitive Advantage.” Melbourne Business Analytics Conference, (July 19, 2018; Melbourne, Australia).
Watch keynote address video

“The Internet of Things: A Primer,” presented by The Silicon Valley Emerging Technology Policy Initiative in collaboration with the California State Assembly Committee on Privacy & Consumer Protection and the Assembly Tech Caucus, (March 9, 2018; Sacramento, CA).

Steve presented testimony to the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, Subcommittee on Energy, (December 13, 2017; Washington, DC).
Watch testimony video.
Subcommittee on Energy Hearing - Advancing Solar Energy Technology: Research Trumps Deployment. 

Opening Keynote Presentation: “AI will be everywhere.” The AI Summit, (September 28, 2016; San Francisco, CA).
Watch opening keynote presentation video.

"What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know: Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data," TechCode Accelerator, (January 14, 2016; Mountain View, CA).
Watch "What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know" video.

"So you want to change the world?" TEDx CupertinoHigh, (August 2, 2015; Cupertino, CA).
Watch "So you want to change the world?" video.

Keynote address, "Disruptive Engineering and Societal Impact" ISCAS (International Symposium on Circuits and Systems) 2015, (May 24, 2015; Lisbon, Portugal).
Watch keynote address video